Hilltop Open Space System

Client: City of Signal Hill

Scope of Work:

This system consists of four different projects, Hilltop Park, Panorama Promenade, Discovery
Well Park
and Sunset View Park, totaling a combined 14 acres, set in a hillside environment. Hilltop Park and Panorama Promenade have won CPRS awards. The other land uses are primarily residential and 30 acres of open land still in oil production. Via our role as City Landscape Architect we were involved with the planning of open space for the residential development. Working with staff we created standards that helped to unify trail improvements on private and public property into a cohesive network, maintaining access for all residents of Signal Hill.

Schematic Design
Public Art and Interpretive Panel Design and Production
Implementation Drawings
Site Observation / Construction Administration
Development Standards and Plan Checking

Community Center, Covered Patio, Amphitheater, Restrooms
Playground, Basketball Court, Ball Wall, Exercise Course
Multi-use Free Play Field, Picnic, Vista Points, Trails
Public Art, Interpretive Panel Program
Decorative Gating System and Monumentation

Hilltop Open Space Overview Map