Los Altos Streetscape and Public Art Improvements Project

Client: City of Long Beach Redevelopment Agency

Scope of Work:

Site is the 1st block of Stearns Street east of Bellflower Blvd. and includes the street surface, the median and the north/south right of ways
Stearns is a busy four lane street flanked by two shopping centers of approximately 700,000 s.f, another public artwork and a gas station
Commercial setting combines a 1950's center to the north and a 1996 post-modern center to the south
Project are surrounded by residential land use with no other significant retail within two miles

Artist Selection Panel Participation
Master Planning / Design
Implementation Drawings
Construction Administration

Robin Brailsford - Public Artist
Frances Wosmek - Author

Celebrate Arrival
Unify the Neighborhood and Commercial area
Bridge the Shopping Centers
Invite Pedestrian exploration of the site
Re-invent the Street

Creative Integration of Public Art and Landscape within limited space
Linkage of north and south centers visually and physically
Obtaining consensus of various ownerships and City entities